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Our lawyers have extensive experience handling complex medical negligence cases.

At Findling, Park, Conyers, Woody & Sniderman, P.C., our attorneys focus exclusively on medical malpractice litigation. With more than 73 years combined experience in malpractice law, we have the in-depth knowledge and resources to take on the biggest, most difficult medical negligence cases, including those involving the death of a child, spouse or loved one. We understand the legal complexities involved in settling these extremely complex cases. We also understand the needs of our clients, who face large medical bills in the wake of their tragedy and rely on us to fight for their fair compensation. When a medical mistake has permanently altered your life, we provide compassionate legal counsel. Our extensive courtroom experience is combined with a tireless dedication to helping victims of medical malpractice.

Our firm comprises hard-working professionals driven by a desire to help people who lost a loved one or became permanently disabled, because of a misdiagnosis, surgical error or other act of preventable hospital negligence. Our primary focus is to service and advocate on behalf of our clients. We take pride in maintaining close communication with our clients. We address all your questions, promptly return your phone calls, and provide a candid assessment of the strength of your case. Meet our highly skilled medical malpractice team:

Our attorneys focus exclusively on medical malpractice in Indiana.

When a medical error or other negligence results in a fatal or catastrophic injury, the attorneys of Findling, Park, Conyers, Woody & Sniderman, P.C. carefully review and build your case. Our office is easily accessible by public transportation and is located on the corner of Ohio and Pennsylvania, across from the federal courthouse. We offer a contingency fee structure.

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