Hospital Negligence/Error

Hospital Negligence

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What is considered hospital negligence in Indiana?

Hospital negligence is a broad term encompassing a number of medical malpractice actions and inactions of doctors, nurses and administrative staff employed by hospitals. Negligence occurs when individuals fail to provide the care of services expected of their positions as healthcare providers. We know how to navigate Indiana’s medical malpractice laws at Findling, Park, Conyers & Woody, P.C. because we focus exclusively on malpractice litigation, including representing victims of hospital negligence. The overwhelming volume of patients a busy hospital cares for on any given day contributes to errors in communication resulting in negligence with potentially devastating effects on patients.

Common examples of hospital negligence include:

  • Incorrect charting.
    • Nurses and doctors rely on patient’s medical chart to communicate important changes in a patient’s health. If a nurse fails to properly document test results or note an important change in a patient’s health status, a doctor’s ability to treat the patient is compromised. This failure of communication may lead to health risks or even death and is entirely preventable.
  • Medication errors.
    • A nurse or doctor may inadvertently administer the incorrect medication or an incorrect dosage of the proper medications to a patient. This error often compromises a patient’s care and may lead to serious health consequences.
  • Nursing mishaps.
    • Nurse perform many important functions in a hospital, ranging from recording a patient’s medical history to monitoring the functionality of medical equipment in a patient’s room. If a nurse neglects to perform these duties in accordance with the standards of care expected of a hospital, significant medical consequences can result.
  • The use of unsterilized equipment.
    • Despite the best efforts of hospitals and staff, it is not uncommon for unsterilized equipment to be used while treating a patient. The failure is a clear example of negligence and may produce serious infection or even death.
  • The failure to attend to patients in a timely manner.
    • Hospitals often face a high volume of patients with a wide variety of medical needs. If hospital staff is overworked or undermanned, a patient may go many hours without being checked on by a healthcare provider. A person’s health is constantly changing, and you have the right to expect your healthcare provider to attend to your needs in a timely manner.

Rely on our experience and resources to build your medical malpractice case.

Despite the efforts of hospitals and their staff members, negligence in a hospital or emergency room is not uncommon. An experienced malpractice attorney with knowledge of the intricate points of Indiana malpractice law provides a powerful ally in your medical malpractice claim. Providing hospital negligence is a difficult proposition. Our attorneys and on-staff registered nurse provide straight answers to your questions and a clear vision of potential case outcomes. If you decide to seek damages, we offer aggressive legal advocacy for you and your loved one.

If hospital negligence is responsible for the death of your loved one, our Indianapolis attorneys fight for maximum compensation.

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