Prescription Errors


Contact Our Medical Malpractice Team in Indiana if a Prescription Medication Error Left You Seriously Ill

Mistakes in your prescribed medicine made by your doctor, pharmacist or hospital puts your life at risk.

Our attorneys routinely deal with clients whose quality of life is significantly affected because of a medication error made by a hospital, doctor or pharmacist. Medication errors are surprisingly common. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that more than 2 million individuals are affected by medication errors every year. If you or a loved one suffered a physical or mental injury caused by a prescription error, you may be eligible for compensation from the responsible party. The Findling, Park, Conyers & Woody, P.C. attorneys candidly evaluate the strength of your case and aggressively pursue your malpractice claim. Our legal team has more than 73 years of combined experience and extensive resources to see your case through the long legal process.

What constitutes a prescription error?

Prescription errors typically involve a mistake made by the person prescribing or filling your prescription. The effects of these errors range in consequence from minimal to possible life-threatening. Prescription errors include:

  • Ignoring a dangerous drug interaction alert.
    • The FDA provides healthcare providers, doctors, hospitals and pharmacist with a list of drugs that are not to be prescribed simultaneously. Ignoring this alert can result in the patient experiencing dangerous and unwanted effects from drug interactions.
  • Dosage errors.
    • A doctor or healthcare provider may administer an incorrect dose, either too great or too little, because of a lack of knowledge or calculation error.
  • Incorrect or misunderstood prescriptions.
    • Sometimes a doctor may accidentally prescribe a drug clearly not indicated for the treatment of a particular illness, or a pharmacist may misunderstand the prescription ordered by a healthcare provider, resulting in the patient receiving the wrong medication.
  • Insufficient notice of possible side effect.
    • Some prescribed drugs are known to have a history of producing unpleasant or dangerous side effects. Doctors and pharmacist are required to inform patients of any potentially harmful side effects a prescribed drug may cause.
  • Failure to inquire about allergies to mediation.
    • Many individuals experience unpleasant, dangerous or deadly allergic reactions to certain types and classes of medication. A pharmacist or healthcare provider should always ask if you have any allergies to medication before prescribing or filing a prescription.

Our knowledgeable lawyers determine if medical malpractice has occurred.

The trust we place in doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare providers is like none other. A prescription error, whether because of gross incompetence or hospital negligence, can have devastating repercussions for the patient. Our medical malpractice attorneys leverage our extensive knowledge of Indiana law to provide well-reasoned, straightforward answers to your questions and determine if you have a legitimate claim. We guide you through the complexities of Indiana’s malpractice law and seek maximum compensation from those responsible for your prescription error.

Have you been made seriously ill because of an error in your prescribed medication?

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